The Thursday Night Club

Coming November 18, 2019!

Featuring six original songs and starring YouTube star Kurt Hugo Schneider, international singing sensation Madilyn Bailey, a host of Broadway stars, and a cameo by two-time Golden Globe winner Kathleen Turner, The Thursday Night Club is a podcast listening experience that might make all of your Christmases brighter.  Four college best friends, inspired by a fifth, embark on a “contest” to perform the best good deed in the spirit of Christmas. In the process, their lives change in ways they never could have anticipated. Is it possible to live the Christmas spirit all year long? Listen to The Thursday Night Club and find out. All six episodes available November 18.

Listen to the trailer below!

The Book

The Thursday Night Club audio drama is based on the story of the same name from the book The Thursday Night Club and Other Stories of Christmas Spirit by Steven Manchester. In addition to the title story, it includes two more heartwarming holiday tales. 

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