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Closing the Distance:

The Video Adaptation

Even before the enormously positive listener reactions started coming in, we knew we had
something especially moving and significant in our audio drama series, Closing the Distance.  As we watched the actors bring these pieces to life, we realized that delivering these stories to the screen would take them to another level while at the same time reaching a wider audience. Of course, in these times, there were challenges to video adaptation that had never existed in the past. But the inspired vision of our co-directors Mitchell Maxwell and Mac Eldridge brought us to a breakthrough technology, one that could deliver stunning visuals while keeping all participants as safe as possible.

Thus, the Closing the Distance video adaptation was born. On the screen, these stories acquire a new dimension, making them even more immediate and more relevant to each of us. We look forward to sharing the experience of Closing the Distance with viewers all over the world.

Closing the Distance is a series of twenty or more short pieces based on the acclaimed podcast series that capture the spirit of the transformations in lives and relationships that have taken place during the pandemic. The series captures the full range of experiences emblematic of this time - from rediscovery to loss, from humor to tragedy, from romance to heartbreak.

The Production Team

Mac Eldridge


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Closing the Distance Trailer

Closing the Distance Trailer

Production Photos

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