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Alex G

Alex G is a Colorado-raised, LA-based singer/songwriter, dreamer, sister, and friend. She is an old soul who loves Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett, and a childlike believer in all things daring and magical and pure.

Formerly afraid to sing in front of people, Alex began her career by posting videos to YouTube from the quiet safety of her home. Her channel quickly gained a following, moving Alex away from her fear and toward a career as a musician. Now, four years in the making, her channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and 200 million views.

In September 2014, after years of writing music and the release of two EPs, Alex released her self-titled debut album. While preparing for this album, Alex had the opportunity to collaborate with several incredible songwriters and producers, including Lauren Christy, Mikal Blue, Jason Reeves, and Jason Mraz.

Alex’s life collides with her music to tell a story. With honesty and courage, she handcrafts her songs with love and vulnerability, believing that through telling her story, people will find hope and discover the beauty in even the most broken chapters of their own. Be love. Be contagious. Pass it on.

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