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Audio Drama Initiative

A New Style of Audio Drama

Closing the Distance:

The Video Adaptation

Even before the enormously positive listener reactions started coming in, we knew we had
something especially moving and significant in our audio drama series, Closing the Distance.  As we watched the actors bring these pieces to life, we realized that delivering these stories to the screen would take them to another level while at the same time reaching a wider audience. Of course, in these times, there were challenges to video adaptation that had never existed in the past. But the inspired vision of our co-directors Mitchell Maxwell and Mac Eldridge brought us to a breakthrough technology, one that could deliver stunning visuals while keeping all participants as safe as possible.

Thus, the Closing the Distance video adaptation was born.

Closing the Distance

Closing the Distance is a series of ten short pieces that explores the sudden and seemingly uncrossable distance between people caused by our being sheltered in place. In each piece, individuals are faced with a lack of contact they hadn’t anticipated – from loved ones, from their community, from new and emerging relationships, from their way of making a living, etc. In each case, they struggle with the distance until they find some way to bridge it, often with surprising results. Fractious relationships are healed. Unexpected relationships are formed. Essential relationships are sustained.

Closing the Distance is a series of emotionally resonant pieces. But more than that, it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge what we are missing and to envision a better outcome.

Closing the Distance key art 2.jpg
Closing the Distance Podcast-Video Adapt

Little Did I Know

The story of a group of friends – recent college graduates – who bring a broken-down summer theatre back to life in 1976. The summer will be different from anything they expected, and what they experience will resonate throughout their lives. At turns funny, romantic, stirring, and poignant, this is an unforgettable coming-of-age story.

Little Did I Know Podcast.jpg

The Thursday Night Club

Featuring six original songs and starring YouTube star Kurt Hugo Schneider, international singing sensation Madilyn Bailey, a host of Broadway stars, and a cameo by two-time Golden Globe winner Kathleen Turner, The Thursday Night Club is a podcast listening experience that might make all of your Christmases brighter.  Four college best friends, inspired by a fifth, embark on a “contest” to perform the best good deed in the spirit of Christmas. In the process, their lives change in ways they never could have anticipated. Is it possible to live the Christmas spirit all year long? Listen to The Thursday Night Club and find out. 

Thursday Night Club Podcast.jpg
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The Audio Drama Initiative

The Audio Drama Initiative is dedicated to taking the audio drama medium to a new level of storytelling via inspired writing, vibrant music, engaged acting, and immersive production. Founded by a team with matchless experience in the worlds of theater, film, and books, we are bringing great storytelling to life in distinctive and memorable ways.

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